Beware of the Shark! No swimming!

Beware of the Shark! No swimming!

Beware of the Shark! No swimming!: every year, as the rains start getting serious, and as a deluge of fresh brown water starts to stream out to sea, the big mommas arrive.

HUGE Zambezi Sharks!

Here to give birth, in one of the most spectacular displays of these marauding marine animals using estuaries as part of their very survival.

Estuaries are nurseries

So Zambezi Sharks, rely completely on being able to do this each year. For their species to reproduce and thrive. Except that now it’s down to survive.

Most of our estuaries are dysfunctional.

Poor land and water management have decimated the vitally beautiful and functional estuary systems that we were given barely a hundred years ago. Before that, and the aeons before that, these estuaries all flourished. And so did the marine life. Like the Zambezi.

This is no more.

Kosi, St.Lucia (thankfully they opened that one again – and barely hours after it was opened just recently, hundreds of Zambezi pups were born and seen all over the place) Richards Bay (polluted and poached but functional), the Tugela (already a weir has been put on this river without us watching), Durban harbour, Umkomaas (sometimes), the Umzimkulu and the Umzimvubu (sometimes open), are all that is left – of literally 100 estuaries!

Yes, we have destroyed 100 estuaries!

The last free-flowing river

Dr Anthony Turton
Environmental Advisor | Speaker | Author

Nick Steele Memorial Award (South African Environmentalist of the Year) 2010
Green Globe Award (Environmental Activist of the Year) 2012
WESSA Award (Lifetime Conservation Achiever) 2016

+27 82 450 7967 (Mobile)

Professor: Centre for Environmental Management, University of Free State
Editor (Africa): Water Policy, official journal of the World Water Council
Director: Janigraph (Pty) Ltd. Registration No. 2012/152555/07
Director: Nanodyn Systems (Pty) Ltd. Registration No. 2013/097934/07
Strategist: Water Shortage South Africa. NPC Registration No. 2016/161471/08 
Founding Member & Director: Water Business Chamber (NPC). Registration No. K2019326031
Director: Amanzi-4-All (Pty) Ltd. Registration No. 2019/217908/07
Director: Virdect Ltd. Toronto. Registration No. 1218358-7

And so, we are going to preserve the Umzimkulu’s status as a breeding spot for Zambezi Sharks, come hell or high water.

Professor Anthony Turton, aka the River Raconteur, has recently been emphasising the importance of the Umzimkulu in its status as the last significant free-flowing river left, being comparable to the Okavango in its uniqueness and importance.

The saltwater wedge that travels up and down the estuary, as explained by Prof Turton, is instrumental in triggering biological processes. And that if impeded, would be yet another catastrophe brought on by short-sightedness.

On an equal level, if the flood pulse is also impeded, that too would completely destroy the underlying mechanisms that control these natural hotbeds of diversity and life.

You can read more about all this, and you can join the movement, at The Green Net website right here. This government watchdog and conservationist organisation is fast making a name for itself as guardians of nature against inappropriate government project spending.

Our ANC led government has been building bridges to the sky and roads to nowhere since Zuma and his cronies stole it. They approve these massive projects and contracts, take all the money and leave the poor, well, poor.

And in the meantime, we are left with load-shedding and sewage pollution as pumps don’t pump without power. Tis is going to be stopped. By good people like The Green Net.

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